Black Hills Alliance For Music (BHAM)


Meeting Minutes


14 March 2016



In attendance:


  • Eric Swenson (President)
  • Justin Parker (Treasurer)
  • Lisa Thomas (Secretary)
  • Andrew Landowski (Band Director)
  • Donna German (Concessions Buyer)
  • Larry Gwinn
  • Deborah Halstead
  • Kathleen Alviar (Choir Director)
  • Patty Lynch
  • Paul Dorwin
  • Maddie Bogacz
  • Lyn Braun



Welcome and Introductions


Meeting began at 6:35pm


Officer Reports


President (Eric Swenson) - General Items


          Treasurer (Justin Parker) - Financial Update


          Provided Treasurers Report - 09 February 2016 - 14 March 2016


                    Current ending balance - $20,924.77


                    Total income was 3.60 and expenses are 2,250.00


                    See Treasurer's Report filed


Secretary (Lisa Thomas) - Upcoming Events


                    March 24th - Large Group Festival


                    April 20th - String Festival


Director Reports


         Orchestra Director (Paul Dorwin)


         At adjudication orchestra received an excellent rating. String Festival will be 20 April 2016


         Choir Director (Kathleen Alviar)


         Trip to NY March (3-7) – went really well.  Everyone had  a great time and all without any incidents.


         Motion was made to pay invoice to Renata Fells and Cheri Felzs for accompaniment by Deborah, 2nd by Maddie, unanimous vote approved.  Justin will need invoice for 137.50 and 56.25 (previously approved).



        Band Director (Andrew Landowski)


                 Large Group Festival


                       Will be held on March 24th at Tumwater High School


       Marching band trip to Disneyland - April


                       Parent meeting will be held on 14  March 2016 at 7:45 in the PAC to discuss trip with students and parents


Tumwater Marching Band Festival


       The Tumwater Marching Band Festival group met on 13 March at Mike Landowski’s home.  In attendance was Deborah Halstead, Joan Moore (THS student parent).  We need to get other parents involved.  There are approximately 7-8 meetings per year.  The following dates are set at 01 May at 2pm, 26 June at 2pm at Mike Landowski’s home, 07 August at 2pm at BHHS and 12 August at the VIP show at THS.  If anyone is interested, please let Andrew know, he can provide information


Chaperone Lead - Julie Gwinn has agreed to be chaperone lead for next year


Volunteer Opportunities


       Booster Bash Auction Coordinator - Brandie Williams has agreed to be the chair. She will need assistants.


Fundraising Follow up


       Flapjack fundraiser for March 26th, not many tickets sold at this point, Need 3 adults and at least 10 students to help. Andrew will talk to kids about working and Eric will send out flyer for posting.


      Jazz night at Eagles Ballroom - April 15, 2016


      Oly Swing will teach lessons from 6-7pm, 7- 7:45pm bands will play, 7;45 – 8pm will be dessert auction, 8pm – 8;45pm bands will play.


      Will need parents to bring soda, ice, desserts, etc (Deborah H will set up a sign up genius) need students not playing to assist in the set up at 5:30pm and clean up at 9pm.


      Maddie will bring sound system and create flyer to send to Andrew for distribution through the school, Andrew will bring microphones.


      There will be a maximum of 200 tickets.  Andrew will print.


     Motion was made by Lyn Braun to pay the $700.00 damage deposit by 01 April to the Eagles Ballroom. Second by Donna German, passed unanimously.



Action Items :


       Need Secretary position for BHAM


Meeting adjourned 7:35 pm