Black Hills Alliance For Music (BHAM)


Meeting Minutes


08 February 2016



In attendance:


  • Eric Swenson (President)
  • Justin Parker (Treasurer)
  • Lisa Thomas (Secretary)
  • Andrew Landowski (Band Director)
  • Meagan Swenson
  • Larry Gwinn
  • Deborah Halstead
  • Kathleen Alviar (Choir Director)
  • Brandie Williams (Choir Liaison)
  • Peter Annis



Welcome and Introductions


Meeting began at 6:35pm


Officer Reports


President (Eric Swenson) - General Items


          Treasurer (Justin Parker) - Financial Update


          Provided Treasurers Report - 12 January 2016 - 08 February 2016


                    Current ending balance - $23,171.17


                    Total income was 4.02 and expenses are 301.02


                    Tabs for trailer are due soon


                    See Treasurer's Report filed


Secretary (Lisa Thomas) - Upcoming Events


                    Upcoming events not reported on.


Director Reports


         Orchestra Director (Paul Dorwin) - No one in attendence


         Choir Director (Kathleen Alviar)


                        Regional Solo Ensemble to State as 2nd Alternates. Requested accompanist bill for winter concert for 137.50 and 56.25 be paid using concession funds to Cherrie Fultz. Motion made by Deborah Halstead and 2nd by Kathleen Alviar, passed with a unanimous vote.


        Band Director (Andrew Landowski)


                  All State Band transportation to Yakima


                            The bus will leave on Friday morning at 0800 from Olympia HS


       Marching band trip to Disneyland - April


                       Cost for drop off and pick up for the trip will be about 1000.00. Will need to rent large percussion equipment which was built in to the program. There will be a cost of 25.00 per checked bag. Request made for 1500.00 paid to ASB for transportation costs to airport and back. Motion made by Andrew Landowski, 2nd by Larry Gwinn, approved with an unanimous vote.


State Solo/Ensemble Trip to Ellensburg


                       Block of rooms at the Super 8 held for Thursday/Friday night.  Need parent willing to drive Budget truck with instruments for the weekend.


Permission for Storage Shed


                      Mel Murray agreed to storage shed in parking lot alone the tree line.


Student Saxophone available for purchase


        Request made to pay 300.00 to BHHS for the purchased saxophone (previously voted on)


Tumwater Marching Band Festival


       Will be held on October 8, 2016



Volunteer Opportunities


       Booster Bash Auction Coordinator - Brandie Williams has agreed to be the chair. She will need assistants.


       Chaperone Lead - Need someone to take on this position for next year.


       Secretary position for BHAM - Need someone to take on this position for next year.


Fundraising Follow up


       Next Applebee’s fundraiser will be March 26, 2016, 0800 – 1000.  A minimum of 100 tickets must be sold.  Tickets will be sold by parent volunteers at the concert on 29 Feb 2016 (Jazz and Olympia Jazz Senators) by Eric and Meagan Swenson.  March 2, 2016 in the gym for the 6-12 grade concert, possibly at the choir concert on March 10, 2016.  Justin will bring cash box to Eric.


      Jazz Night at the Eagles Ballroom


       75/hr, 80 clean up fee and 700 deposit (Which will get refunded)


       Friday April 15, 2016 is available


       Andrew will check with TMS to see if jazz band is available also.



Action Items :


       Need one parent volunteer for Chaperone Lead for next year


       Need Booster Bash auction coordinator assistant


       Need Secretary position for BHAM


Meeting adjourned 7:35 pm